Study with Lindsey

Now accepting new piano, vocal, and composition students. ALL AGES from 3-100 welcome. :)

All lessons will be given via Zoom.  In-person lessons will an option in the near future.

All styles are taught including: classical, jazz and pop. 



Students will be given a well-rounded music-learning experience that will be both fun and challenging.  All students, regardless of experience, will be exposed to most if not all categories of learning as described below.  As an educator, I strive to provide a positive learning environment, which encourages creativity, skill, musicality, and physical coordination accomplished through a structured lesson plan. Students are expected to complete practice as assigned. 

  • Warm-up:  physical exercises designed to warm the body before playing. 
  • Technique/Coordination Exercises 
  • Skill Development (scales, arpeggios, etc.) 
  • Musicality 
  • Repertoire:  a variety of styles which may include classical, jazz, or pop 
  • Sight-reading 
  • Ear training/Listening 
  • Improvisation 
  • Music History 
  • Composition/Theory 
  • Performance Practices